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About Yasmin


I have been practising a comprehensive range of massage therapies since 1999. From 2003-2008 I worked with my mum teaching massage, anatomy and physiology as part of her successful family run business, The West London School of Therapeutic Massage. Away from the school, I also worked alongside physiotherapists, reflexologists, acupuncturists and personal trainers.


After getting married in 2008 and having two lovely children, I was encouraged to embark on a full-time freelance path. As a result, I now offer home-visit massage therapy in Beckenham, Bromley and the surrounding areas across south east London and north Kent. Motherhood opened my eyes to the emotional and physical stress that some women can experience, during pregnancy and throughout the baby and toddler years. Carrying babies and toddlers puts inevitable strains on your shoulders and lower back.


Massage therapy can provide enormous pre- and post-natal benefits to your back and body overall. So, I now treat many expectant mothers and those with little ones.

Discovering breathwork


More recently, I discovered the benefits of breathwork when my daughter tried it. She had been struggling with anxiety because of school disruptions due to lockdown and breathwork was recommended to her, as a way of de-stressing. I learned it with her and quickly noticed the benefits for myself. Breathwork really is amazing because it’s so simple. You learn the techniques and then you have tools for life! It helps you balance your nervous system and calms your whole body, both mentally and physically.


Since I’ve been practising regularly, I’ve noticed huge benefits. It’s given me a stronger mind-body connection and my digestion and sleeping patterns have improved too. Breathwork has given me a calmer approach to life, from the school run through to getting my work done. In fact, I hadn’t realised I was getting so agitated before I learned the techniques! So, I’ve now incorporated breathwork into the services I offer. I want to empower you with the tools to improve your overall wellbeing.

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For me…


…massage is not just the preserve of the wealthy or an occasional lavish treat. Nor is it only appropriate for finely-tuned athletes. I’d like everyone to see massage therapy as part of a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. The same applies to breathwork too. We place a lot of unrelenting stress on our bodies through long working hours, tortuous commutes and the general assault of modern, western life. But these strains can all be alleviated with just ONE monthly massage. What’s more, regular massage can help prevent long-term problems.


My home visits are highly convenient and affordable. What’s more relaxing than taking care of your body in the safe and comforting surroundings of your own home? Couple this with learning breathwork techniques and you have a fantastic toolkit to help you live a better, easier and more relaxed lifestyle.