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Massage at Home

Treatments are usually at your place so that you can fully relax in your own space, but you can come to mine if you prefer.

Please note that my place is not a clinic. It’s my lounge, it’s quiet, warm and private – we can discuss this when you book.

Your appointment time will take longer than indicated as it includes a consultation, my time setting up and then your full massage session.

I cover Beckenham and surrounding areas within a 4 mile radius. Beyond that, an additional charge will apply.

Prices: 60 minutes: £70 / 90 minutes: £100 / 120 minutes: £120

Remedial Massage


Simply put, remedial massage aims to remedy a problem. It’s a massage that helps to ease pain and release chronic tension in your body. I will use a variety of massage techniques and focus on a specific or problem area for you, doing a detailed body assessment before we start.


Treatment may involve myofascial release. This is a safe and very effective hands-on technique involving gentle, sustained pressure into connective tissue in the affected area. The pressure helps to reduce pain and restore movement. I may also use soft tissue release, which is an advanced massage technique used to assess, stretch and manage the soft tissues in your body (such as your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia). Soft tissue release often helps to promote faster healing after an injury.

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Someone having a foot massage

Relaxation Massage


Relaxation massage focuses on calming your nervous system to promote a sense of wellbeing. A relaxation massage is smooth and gliding and will help to relieve stress and tension by relaxing your body and mind. You might even fall asleep during your massage, or at the very least, you’ll have a very good night’s sleep afterwards!

Pregnancy Massage


A pregnancy massage is ideal in either the prenatal or postnatal stages of your pregnancy and can help you relax or relieve stress and tension. Because this is a time of great change in your body – both physically and emotionally – you may experience certain discomforts that a massage can help to ease.

Pregnancy massage can:

  • Relieve sciatica
  • Relieve pelvic pain
  • Reduce neck, back and joint pain caused by changing posture
  • Reduce muscle spasms, cramps, headaches, swelling and uncomfortable tightness
  • Help with digestive complaints such as constipation, wind, nausea and indigestion
  • Relax you and reduce stress

However, if your pregnancy is complicated, you may be advised not to have a massage. Please check with your doctor or midwife if this is the case.


For each pregnancy massage treatment, I will incorporate massage, aromatherapy and myofascial work, to suit your needs. Your massage can take place on a massage table, on your bed or on the floor – wherever you feel most comfortable. You will be covered with a large sheet and you will be fully supported with lots of pillows, lying on your side.

Pregnant lady having her hip massaged
Lady having a facial

Natural Face Lift Massage


A professional facial is a wonderful way to look after your skin and such a relaxing treat!


I use a combination of acupressure and essential oils, as well as the beautiful Charlie Locks Professional Skincare range. During your facial, I’ll stimulate the skin and muscles of your face. Not only will this make you look and feel good, but it can also help prevent the onset of ageing, protect and tone your skin and, in time, reduce wrinkles.


So go on, treat yourself to a facial today!

Gift Vouchers


Massage gift vouchers are available to treat someone special. Or why not drop a hint to a loved one to buy a voucher for you? Vouchers are valid for one full hour’s massage. Each gift voucher comes with a pretty gift card too. Contact me to order your vouchers and I’ll post them to you within two working days. You can pay by your preferred method.

Yasmin Massage Therapy Voucher

Host A Party


How do you fancy hosting a massage pamper party? They’re a great idea for a hen party, birthday or a girls’ night in!


My pamper parties involve a massage and / or a facial for each participant, while the rest of you lounge around, talk and catch up. It could be a lunch for three with one person receiving a massage while the other two talk. Or perhaps ten people and two therapists working at the same time.


My pamper parties are bespoke to you, so contact me to discuss what you’d like and prices.

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Massage At Work


An onsite massage in your office or workplace is a really easy way to relieve stress among your team. It will help them feel invigorated, calm and refocused – resulting in a more productive workforce! While you sit in a special ergonomic chair, my work massages focus on your neck, back, shoulders, arms and scalp. These are the key areas that often get overused or tense when you’re at your desk. But this type of massage will relieve those tense muscles and leave your colleagues relaxed, energised and uplifted.


Simply provide me with a meeting room or quiet area, schedule appointments for your staff and remind them on the day. Then relax and I’ll take care of the rest. Contact me to find out more about booking a massage at work session.

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Bespoke Workshops

One-to-One or Small Groups


Would you like to learn how to use massage or my other therapies on yourself or your loved ones? I grew up with my mum using her massage and aromatherapy skills on us everyday – she always made us feel better! It’s such a lovely thing to be able to share. I can offer one-to-one or small group workshops to teach you how to use these wonderful skills yourself.

Skills you can learn on a workshop with Yasmin


Head & Neck Massage

It’s all too easy to build up tension in your neck and shoulders from things like cranky laptop posture, a heavy shoulder bag or carrying your toddler here, there and everywhere. Learning how to give a head, neck and shoulder massage will mean you can relieve that tension and reduce stress, aches and pains for your loved ones.


Digestive Tract Massage

Some of us struggle with digestive problems because of today’s fast-paced life. A digestive tract massage (also referred to as a colon massage or tummy massage) can help. Don’t worry, it’s not an internal massage! It can really help your digestion, as it’s a relaxing and stress relieving massage that calms your nervous system. If you suffer with digestive problems, learn colon massage to help yourself.


Foot Massage

Foot massage is an excellent all-over body booster because it works with the principles of reflexology. Reflexology is based on the understanding that all the internal body structures and organs are mirrored on the feet. So a deep-pressure foot massage will stimulate your skeletal, muscular, vascular, neurological, respiratory, digestive and endocrine systems.


Basic Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote good health. The oils are extracted from plants, herbs and flowers that are noted for their therapeutic properties. Used for thousands of years, aromatherapy can help to relieve common conditions like muscular pain, insomnia, digestive problems, colds, viruses and fatigue. Learn which oils work best and how to use them safely.